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Goal: Students will distinguish between an observation and inference in order to identify and classify fossils.  

  • The student will obtain the needed vocabulary to make educational descriptions and inferences about fossils and hypothesis during the lesson.

  • The student will observe, collect and evaluate data in order to create inferences about individual fossils and animals (3.L.5B.3).

  • The student will compare fossils to one another and to living organisms (4.E.2.1).

  • The student will infer ideas about Earth’s early environment from fossils of plants and animals that lived long ago (4.E.2.2; 3-LS4-1).


  • Fossils
  • Paleontology
  • Mold/Cast/Preserved Parts
  • Observation/Inference

  • Students will define and identifiy molds, casts, and preserved parts.
  • Students will use observation and inference skills to determine what may have happened in the past.
  • Students will classify fossils they find in dirt samples from the ocean floor.
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