Teacher Resources



Useful Documents

Day Trip Planning Packet – This document is useful in planning your day field trip to YMCA Camp Cherokee.

Overnight Teacher Planning Packet – This document is useful in planning your overnight field trip to YMCA Camp Cherokee.

EE Waiver – All students and adults must have this form signed prior to boarding YMCA Camp Cherokee buses, or prior to arrival to Camp if providing your own transportation.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about scheduling a field trip, contact Will Gilmore.


Trip Leader Checklist

4-6 Months Before Trip

  • Schedule and confirm trip date (s)
  • Submit contract and deposit to Camp Cherokee
  • Inform parents and students of trip
  • Arrange for transportation or contact Camp
    Cherokee if transportation is needed
  • Emergency transportation: your school is responsible for providing emergency transportation if necessary
  • Consult school administration regarding the need for a chaperone background check, policies related to student safety and abuse prevention, etc.

1-2 Months Before Trip

  • Send a Chaperone Letter, What to Bring List, and parent-packet home with students
  • Submit schedule and information form to YMCA Camp Cherokee
  • Discuss trip goals and expected behavior with students
  • Collect final payment from students to have turned into Camp Cherokee

2-4 Weeks Before Trip

  • Finalize number of students & chaperones attending and update this information with Camp Cherokee
  • Hold chaperone meeting to review roles and responsibilities
  • Collect permission forms from students
  • Send final payment to YMCA Camp Cherokee

1 Week Before Trip

  • Make nametags for every student; this helps the instructors make each class personal
  • Ensure all students are prepared with a lunch, as we cannot provide lunches for day trip students
  • Review with students your expectations, goals, and what to bring for the trip
  • Review schedule sent from Camp Cherokee; contact Will Gilmore with any questions, concerns or changes that need to be made
  • Make final contact with Camp Cherokee for confirmation and to ask any questions you may have

Day of Trip

  • Head count and collect lunches
  • Give every student a name tag
  • Have all adult and student waivers signed and ready to give to Camp Cherokee staff upon boarding the bus, or arriving to Camp if providing your own transportation
  • Have fun!