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Environmental Education

There’s no better place to learn than outside! At YMCA Camp Cherokee, we make the great outdoors our classroom and provide a variety of opportunities for students to learn. Our mission is to make learning exciting and relevant. Camp Cherokee invites local schools to bring their students to see exactly what outdoor learning is all about!


Every individual learns differently. At Camp Cherokee we cater to each learning style using hands on activities, repetition, movement, visual aids, and much more. Our program reinforces topics, vocabulary, and subject matter that students learn throughout the school year. Adding to existing knowledge, students will use what they learn at camp to make conscious decisions about the environment for the rest of their lives. In our fun and memorable curriculum, each student has the opportunity to do their best, succeed, and learn!


Program Details

Our program is designed to meet the South Carolina state standards, North Carolina state standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards to ensure students and teachers benefit from the trip. With this design, teachers can take advantage of any new ideas and ways to incorporate topics that may be difficult to teach within the classroom’s four walls. Find out more below!





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