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Water Ecology

Goal: Investigate and discover the importance of aquatic health through water testing and macro invertebrate identification.

  • Students will obtain and communicate information to classify macro-invertebrates based on their physical characteristics (2.L.5A.1).
  • Students will analyze and interpret data from finding macro-invertebrates to describe how animals respond to changes in their environments(2.L.5B.3).
  • Students will obtain and communicate information to explain how pollution in the Lake York habitat would be harmful to the organisms that live there (3.L.5B.1).
  • Students will obtain and communicate information  about the characteristics of macro-invertebrates (4.L.5A.1).
  • Students will obtain and communicate information to describe and compare the macro-organisms they find in Lake York and interpret what they indicate (5.L.4A.2).
  • Using a Dichotomous Key students will classify macro-invertebrates based on the current hierarchical taxonomic structure (6.L.4A.2).
  • Students will analyze and interpret data gathered from the collection of Lake York macro-organisms to predict changes that might occur if the lake were polluted (7.EC.5A.3).

  • Animal Identification
  • Animal Classification
  • Macro Invertebrates
  • Bio-indicators
  • Biotic/Abiotic
  • pH
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity

  • Students will define and find examples of  biotic and abiotic
  • Students will understand and be able to explain the importance of bio-indicators.
  • Students will conduct water testing for pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and conductivity, and explain the results.
  • Students will have a new awareness for keeping our streams and lakes healthy
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