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Fire Ecology

Goal: Give students an understanding of why fire is important to the environment and how we can prevent forest fires.

  • The student will obtain information from observation and experimenting to explain how events such as forest fires impact the environment (3.E.4B.3).

  • The student will explain how plants respond to external stimuli such as fire to enhance their survival in the environment (6.L.2.2).

  • The student will summarize how abiotic factors such as temperature affect the ability of organisms to grow and survive (6.L.2.3).

  • Students will construct an argument, supported by evidence from their fire experiment that changes to the physical or biological components of an ecosystem affect populations (MS-LS2-4).


  • Ecosystem
  • Fire Dependent Ecosystem
  • Adaptations
  • Fire Triangle
  • Dead Fuel Moisture
  • Managed/Unmanaged Forest

  • Students will identify and list the pros and cons of managed and unmanaged forests.
  • Students will describe adaptations trees use in a fire dependent ecosystem.
  • Students will find and observe different levels of dead fuel moisture.
  • Students will list what elements are needed for fire to exist.
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