With schools closed all around us due to COVID-19, lots of students and campers are at home working on e-learning and paper assignments. When you or your child need a break, take a moment to do one of our ‘Camp Cherokee Challenges or CCCs.’ We will be posting challenges on Facebook and Instagram and keeping a running list of submissions here. Email us pictures of your completed challenges or if you have any questions or ideas!


Day One: Nature Scavenger Hunt


Find a Gumball, Pinecone, and Flower.

Day Two: Find Your Own Luck


Find, draw, or make a four leaf clover.


Day Three: Flower Power



Find a flower and send us a picture. Let’s see how many different types of flowers we can post without repeats!


Day Four: Camouflage


There are four types of camouflage, one of the most popular is concealing coloration or an animal hiding itself against a background of the same color. Send us a picture of animals (or yourself) camouflaged against a background!


Day Five: Picnic


Have a Picnic! Inside or outside, do something to make your next meal or snack special and send us a photo!


Day Six: Camp Costume


What’s your camp ready costume? Jungle boogie, Luau, Monster Mash, Under the Sea; there are so many theme possibilities. Dress up in your craziest camp costume and send us a picture!


Day Seven: Rock Stacking


Stacking or Balancing Rocks for trail markers, burial sites, or art has been around since the beginning of civilization. Today your challenge is to see how many rocks you can stack and then send us a picture!

*Remember to put the rocks back on the ground after you are done to make sure an animal does not lose its habitat.


Day Eight: Spell Your Name

Go outside and take pictures of things you find or make that look like letters of your name. This is a hard one, so if you only do your initials it is okay too! Don’t forget to tag us or send us your picture!


Day Nine and Ten: Wash Your Car


Wash the outside and detail clean the inside of your car. We washed the bus this week and it is looking great!


Day Eleven: Introduce your Pet



Share a picture of your pet!


Day Twelve: Vote for Your Favorite


With today’s rainy weather, we are asking you to stay inside and vote for Waterfront or High Adventure. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below and on our story!

Winner: Waterfront


Day Thirteen: Narrow it Down


From yesterday’s poll, it looks like waterfront is the favorite. Now tell us your favorite waterfront activity: Water Features vs. Boating.

Winner: Boating

Day Fourteen: Brighten Someone’s Day

Write a letter or create a care package for someone you care about and drop it in the mail!

We are sending out our first round of Mystery Merch to those that donated to our Annual Campaign fundraiser. Donate $25 or more and get a T-shirt sent to you!

Day Fifteen: Game Day Friday

You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered! Here is the official Camp Cherokee Bingo card. Enjoy and tag us in your story once you have completed it!


Day Sixteen: Litter Pick Up

Every week of summer camp and every environmental education day, we focus on leaving camp better than we found it. Today’s challenge is to pick up litter and leave somewhere better than you found it. This might be your street, yard, or room! #leaveitbetter


Day Seventeen: Support your Local Business

Today support your local business through a pick up order or gift card. Southern Salads in Rock Hill and Fort Mill will be donating 10% of their orders from April 8th, 2020 to Camp Cherokee’s annual campaign!


Day Eighteen: Fun Fact Friday