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Beavers and their Dam

Goal: Students will observe and identify habitats and note the changes the beavers have made to their habitat.  

  • The student will obtain and communicate information about the classification on Beavers based on their physical appearance (2.L.5A.1).

  • Students will analyze and interpret data about the characteristics of the Beaver’s environment and how it supports a variety of organisms (3.L.5A.1).

  • Students will construct explanations for how the Beaver’s structural adaptations help it to survive in the environment (4.L.5B.3).

  • Students will obtain and communicate information about the Beaver’s ecosystem in order to compare the biotic factors (5.L.4A.2).

  • Students will obtain and communicate the structural adaptations of the Beaver that help it survive (6.L.4B.2)


  • Adaptations
  • Habitat
  • Abiotic
  • Biotic
  • Beavers
  • Beaver Dam
  • Ecosystem
  • Inference
  • Observation

  • Students will identify and explain the need for physical adaptations.
  • Students will observe and infer about the environment around them.
  • Students will observe and explain the changes to the environment because of the Beavers.
  • Students will communicate what adaptations the beaver has to help it thrive in its environment.
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