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Goal: Students will demonstrate and explain how a bow and arrow work together to exemplify Newtons Laws of Motion.  

  • Students will construct explanations for the forward momentum of the arrow and the downward pull of gravity using observation (2.P.4A.3).
  • Students will observe and investigate the effect of friction on the arrow as it travels through the air and hits the target (P.4A.4).
  • Students will hypothesize and define problems related to the effects of friction and design possible solutions to reduce the effects of friction on the motion of the arrow (P.4A.5).
  • Students will analyze and interpret the different bows and arrow to describe how a change of force, mass, or friction affects the motion of the arrow (P.5A.4).
  • Students will use the bow and arrow to demonstrate the conservation of energy as it is transformed from kinetic to potential and vice versa (6.P.3A.2).

  • Kinetic Energy
  • Potential Energy
  • Force
  • Motion
  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Velocity
  • Mass
  • Oscillation
  • Arrows
  • Bows

  • Students will demonstrate and explain kinetic and potential Energy while using the bow to shoot an arrow.
  • Students will explain what friction the arrow encounters as it moves through the air.
  • Students will learn how to safely shoot a bow and arrow.
  • Students will explain how archery relates to Newton’s Laws of Motion.
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